Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 68 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 68written by kakashi
edited by Panda

“None of those shenanigans again,” Shao Wan said sharply from the couch at the window, “I know you are aware I’m here.”

The Purple Queen Yi Mei Niang lifted her head from her lover’s breast. “Ancestor,” she said with a brash smile, “again you appear in my bedroom to interrupt my lovemaking, do I need to assume you seek special adventures here?”

“I don’t have enough time for such things,” Shao Wan said gruffly, “but I am amazed you are still alive. Your security is a disgrace.”

Fanfiction3: A-Li's Three Lives, Three Worlds - Chapter 17 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 17written by LigayaCroft
Edited by Panda and kakashi

A-Li strolled unseen and uninterrupted along the halls and pathways of the Imperial Compound, and tried to find directions to the Concubines’ Palaces by following the royal household servants and eunuchs.

As he walked inside the section of the Compound reserved for the Royal Concubines and past the gates and the path marked by late-blooming hydrangeas, the first thing that struck A-Li were the ages of the women he had seen so far.

Fanfic: A Cypress in Winter – Chapter 20 (Ice Fantasy - 幻城)

Chapter 20Written By Unicorn Slippers  edited by DramaPanda
Shi watched Song Bai, conflicting emotions tumbling through him as his chestnut eyes roamed over the swell of her hips beneath the thin shift that she wore as she slept. Her legs were tangled in a frayed, coarse blanket draped over the bed, and he could hear the steady rhythm of her breathing. He had a powerful urge to reach out and push the dark cascade of her hair away from her beautiful face, but stayed his hand to prevent waking her.

Fanfiction 2: Moyuan and Bai Qian - Chapter 10 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 10 - The Fox Empresswritten by LalaLoop
consulting by Juls
edited by kakashi

The disruption of the protective charms around Kunlun told them it had endured intrusions as well. Though by the sight of it, there was no severe damage. Ghost soldiers must have been destroyed before they had gotten as close as the gate. Getting off their swords, Bai Qian and Zilan were greeted by Changshan, who came rushing out from the front gate.

Rants and Weekly Raves #161 (RAWR)

kakashi: New, new, new, new! I won't even try, it's overwhelming.
JoAnne: Some of it may actually be next week? If so, this conversation will make no sense because those listings will disappear...
It's still a gazillion new shows, Jo...
Trotwood: It's only been three days, and I'm already woefully behind. The only thing keeping from feeling drama frantic is imagining how frantic the subbers must be!
SakiVI: I was fine trying during the week, but now, the one show I was really anticipating, Revolutionary Love, I've had no time for. I'm mad at myself.

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 67 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 67written by kakashi (With inserts from what moon-flower at Soompi remembered from TQ’s blog)

280’000 immortal years ago

It was rather ironic, Shao Wan thought as she lay next to Mo Yuan, that they would end their immortal lives in such close proximity. She was somewhat surprised that she didn’t mind. In fact, it was … oddly comforting to have him beside her.

Fanfiction3: A-Li's Three Lives, Three Worlds - Chapter 16 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 16written by Ligayacroft
edited by Panda and kakashi

With an awful groan, the last of the exits and inner passageways were sealed from above, throwing the tomb into semi-darkness leaving the people inside at the mercy of only the meager flickering candlelight. Panicked cries from the workers and artisans who were sealed inside the tomb reverberated across the eight floors of packed mud walls. The wailing sound traveled across rows and rows of terracotta soldiers, chariots, horses, officials, acrobats, strongmen and musicians that these men had spent years and years crafting without knowing these statues will be the silent witnesses to their deaths. The burning candles and rivers of mercury did not bode well for them either as the fumes terribly diminished the air quality inside the mammoth necropolis located underneath Mount Li.

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 66 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 66written by Panda
edited by kakashi

Mo Yuan sat at the bank of his favorite waterfall at Kunlun Mountain, hoping the steady hypnotic swish of water would help relieve some of his inner turmoil.

I shouldn’t have let her go.


Witch's Court is making me want to vomit with rage and scream at every man I see


It does trigger things.  I'm loving our heroine, though. 

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 65 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 65written by Miniorchid with inserts by Chimera
edited by Chimera

Mortal Realm

“When you’re done with the exams, we should start our family,” Li Ying suggested while setting the table for lunch.

Die Feng looked up from his reading, bemused. “How many kids do you want to have?”